78 Arrested in London For Child-Trafficking – April 11, 2017

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Connecting the Dots: Kalichuk, RCAF, Truscott, Susan Cadieux, Lynne Harper, St. Mary’s School, St. Peter’s Basilica

Let me see if I’ve got this right —

  • On June 09, 1559, Lynne Harper went missing from an area near Clinton, Ontario. Her father worked at the RCAF station.
  • She was found dead soon after. Signs of sexual assault.
  • Autopsy reports put her death sometime on June 10th (there are disputes about what time exactly)
  • These autopsy reports were not shared with lawyers or the judge of the case.
  • Later DNA records led investigators to believe her killer was Alex Kalichuk, who also worked at the RCAF (I’ll check this data.)


  • Steven Truscott, age 14, was charge and convicted – given a life sentence but then changed to life imprisonment. He was later cleared of the charge in a public acknowledgement of “miscarriage of justice.”
  • The problem is that Truscott’s case exposed corruption in the police force, concealing of documents and errors made in crime scene investigation
  • It appears that this incredible and controversial case cast a shadow over London and area for the next 25 years (and perhaps even to this day.)
  • Dr. Arntfield asserts that this crime affected every other scenerio in the 25 years following it, and contributed to creating an environment where people could kidnap, rape and murder children & women without being caught or persecuted.

HOW DOES THAT CONNECT TO SUSAN, St. Mary’s and crime in London today in 2017?

  • Alex Kalichuk is now suspected of being Susan’s killer.
  • Susan was 6 years old, and lured away from her friends when playing at St. Mary’s Elementary School in January 1956.
  • Some have suspected an association between the killer and the priest at St. Mary’s Church, which the family attended.
  • In fact, the priest made a public radio announcement to the killer to show him where Susan is.
  • Many students who attend St. Mary’s Elementary School go to Central Catholic High School.
  • Nathan Deslippe’s father was a principal of that school, and Nathan attended there. His funeral was at St. Peter’s Basilica.
  • His killer, William Omar Joles, went to Central Secondary School, then studied police foundations at Fanshawe college before enrolling in criminology at King’s College at Western.


I guess that the same conditions which existed that allowed Kalichuk to kill also created the conditions which prompted Joles to do the same.


Possible Connections: St. Mary’s School/Church, Central Catholic High School, Cult Activities, Murder & MKUltra

I want to begin publishing this content, for my own records and reference, and for your information and also to start revealing indisputable evidence.
Here are more interesting connections –
My theory is this: there are satanic cult activities happening here, which began in the 1850s in strong association with the Ninth Circle ring in Montreal and they now use Merrymount, Vanier Children’s Center, St. Mary’s Elementary School to target and kidnap children from. I suspect a strong association with St. Mary’s Church and Catholic Central High School as recruiting zones and MKUltra sites to recruit, train and support young people into the ring. I’ll focus on Catholic church first and then Anglican, mostly because a Central Catholic High School grad was murdered last year under very suspicious circumstances.  (
I suspect the 28 year old who killed him (William Joles) was mind-controlled, MKUltra style perhaps…he was Nathan’s friend and roommate and vulnerable to manipulation from powerful manipulative forces…plus he had just returned from the West coast and I know there is such a high recruiting active cult activity there. So I don’t have clear evidence yet but I know friends of the two and am looking into getting more information. When I know where Will is imprisoned I’ll go interview him…I have a really strong hunch here…)
Here are some results of what I found last night –
St. Mary’s School and Church came up during Dr. Arntfield’s research into what is still named by the OPP as one of the most mysterious killings in the 1950s in Canada, which was also the same year the Catholic highschool was formed. The child witnesses to the abduction said the suspect mentioned the name of the priest and this is what gained the child who was later killed’s trust. (FYI – London’s 3td murder of 2016 was also associated with St. Mary’s School/church, Central Catholic High School and St. Peter’s Briscillia)
Lastly – there was something really earie about the priest’s response to Susan’s death. Apparently when he was interviewed on radio his plea to the killer was to “please tell me where Susan can be found.” which if you don’t mind me saying just sounds to me like he was asking for communication about how to get to her. (He didn’t say “Please return her..” he said “please tell me how to get to her”…it’s just odd)…anyway, She was later found soon after in a warehouse. Signs of sexual assault. She actually froze to death just 3 hours being found…the article says tears were frozen to her face and I just share that because it’s heart-breaking and propels me forward towards exposing the epidemic sickness lurking in London.

Lynne Harper: Concealed Autopsy Details Covered Up The Real Murderer While 14-Year-Old Steven Truscott Was Wrongfully Convicted

The interesting thing is that Lynne’s father was a part of the same military base as Alexander Kalichuk, who was later identified as her killer with DNA evidence.

Makes you kind of wonder what is going on over at that military base, doesn’t it?

Here are some details:

Cheryl “Lynne” Harper was born to Leslie and Shirley Harper on August 31, 1946 in Moncton, New Brunswick. She had one older brother, Barry Harper, who lived in Ohio and a younger brother, Jeffrey. Her father was a school teacher before he joined the military in 1940. They relocated to the RCAF base at Clinton in July, 1957. Lynne spent time going to Sunday School, Bible class and Girl Guides.

On June 9, 1959, Lynne – then 12 years of age – disappeared near RCAF Station Clinton, an air force base that lay south of Clinton, Ontario (roughly 80 kilometers north of London). Two days later, on the afternoon of June 11, searchers discovered her body in a nearby farm woodlot. Harper had been raped and strangled with her own blouse.

Steven Truscott and Harper had been classmates in a combined grades 7/8 class at the Air Vice Marshal Hugh Campbell School located on the north side of the Air Force base. In the early evening of Tuesday, June 9, 1959, Truscott had given Harper a ride on the crossbar of his bicycle and proceeded from the vicinity of the school northwards along the County Road. The timing and duration of their encounter, and what happened while they were together, have been contentious issues since 1959.

In court, the Crown contended that Truscott and Harper left the County Road before reaching the bridge over the Bayfield River and, in a wooded area beside the County Road (known as Lawson’s Bush), Truscott raped and murdered Lynne. Truscott has maintained since 1959 that he took Harper to the intersection of the County Road and Highway 8, where he left her unharmed. Truscott maintains that when he arrived at the bridge, he looked back toward the intersection where he had dropped Harper off and observed that a vehicle had stopped and that she was in the process of entering it. On June 10, 1959 at 9:30 a.m. Steven was interviewed by (Constable) Hobbs in a cruiser at his school. He told Hobbs that while standing on the bridge, he saw Lynne get into a “late model Chevrolet” and there “was a lot of chrome on the car and it could have been a Bellair [sic] version.”[3]At 11:20 that evening, Lynne’s father reported her missing.[4] From this website: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steven_Truscott