Video – Reporter Investigates Site of Child Ritual Abuse


Investigation into a ‘Murder City’ – London, Canada

By Staff Writer


St. Peter’s Seminary located beside Merrymount Children’s Services and King’s College/Western University campus has been identified as a location with under-ground tunnels where murders occurred during the “60’s Scoop.”




[Bottom Photos: Taken 05 June 2017 – Although St. Peter’s Seminary is heavily guarded & gated from the front entrance, a trail through the woods behind the building makes it easy to access the Seminary as well as Merrymount Children’s Service which houses children with behaviour issues. The trail is speckled with gang tags. One theory is that ill-intending people from the diocese, Merrymount and the adjoining Univerity could easily move children & youth from building to building without being monitored or seen from the public eye.]




Cult-Murder Capital of Canada

Why is this city the child trafficking and cult murder capital of Canada and a center for social engineering? What role do the Anglican and Catholic churches and other criminal bodies play in these crimes?






Here is a good introductory link to Social Engineering from a Political Science perspective, which is about large target audiences, such as a city.


Related information can be found on Social Engineering from a Security perspective such as for one individual or family.


Key Points –


Social engineering is a discipline in social science that refers to efforts to influence particular attitudes and social behaviors on a large scale, whether by governments, media or private groups in order to produce desired characteristics in a target population. Social engineering can also be understood philosophically as a deterministic phenomenon where the intentions and goals of the architects of the new social construct are realized.


When I moved into London, Ontario in August 2013, I learned two things 1) It is a “test-site” for the global corporate market and 2) There are a lot of murders here.


I’ve lived in a dozen cities in Ontario and Alberta and nothing was so strange as so move into a city and hear this.


How the two were connected was not clear to me until I came across Dr. Arntfield’s research which you can link to here.


Basically, he asserts that the social engineering which started in full swing back in the 50s, creates a condition in the general environment where


  • Residents feel compelled to uphold the status quo
  • Natural and organic flow of relationships is stunted un-naturally
  • People under surveillance behave differently than un-monitored
  • When people in a highly monitored environment see something suspicious they will resist talking about it for fear of social retribution



So that is one of the key reasons why criminals can operate in the open here in London and why they can get away with so much, because the general environment in the city is to just look away and not talk about things. The residents here are primed to be complacent and dependant on the “mainstream” version of things so they are not trusting their own eyes and own experiences. They have become largely dependant on “the city” and on the conservative approach to life – go to school, get good grades, get a job in your profession, work it for 30 years, retire & do volunteer work for a favourite charity.


So basically, we are a bunch of lab rats being seduced by the media, city reps and leaders in churches, and large corporations to think & behave like “good little citizens” and those who rock the boat are penalized severely! (More on that later)




From 2000 to present I have worked closely with someone who was raised in a cult in Edmonton, Ontario. Her father was a leader in the community, held a prominent position in the church and he was also a leader in the cult. The stories my associate told me about her early upbringing, from being raped & impregnated by her father, to being caged and tortured, to being forced to watch her brother being executed – I was traumatized just listening to her stories, never mind enduring them. But she gave me a first-hand perspective of what it is like to have a family in a cult, attend church on Sundays and lead business and charity drives during the week. She painted the picture of the big illusion that cult members play.


Her story, in addition to the research Kevin has published, leads me to believe that it is most likely that every Catholic/Anglican church has a secret aspect of it based in sinister cult activities.


When I moved to London, Canada and I saw how prominent these large Catholic buildings are and how wide-spread is their membership amongst the city’s most prominent residents I came to believe that it is very likely that the cult activity found in so many Catholic churches also exists here.


One member of the Catholic Church confirmed that he is aware of tunnels below the city which join key buildings and there are for sure bones of infants in those tunnels. It is highly likely there was a spike in this activity during the “60s Scoop” but I am certain it started at the very time of London’s first inception and that it has continued on to this day.






Child & Human-Trafficking


  1. April 11, 2017 – 78 arrested for involvement in child & human-trafficking
  2. July 18, 2015 – Street sex workers in danger as they seek help
  3. Jan 03, 2017 – Sex trafficking spiking in London, Ontario
  4. Info on child & human-trafficking – I will bring change website.
  5. Info on Digital Supervision – Child Pornography high in London – predators target online


  • London has high rates of child & human trafficking because of location on 401, population of people with money & population of people desperate for survival
  • Keeping with the “status quo” means legalizing prostitution & being “politically correct” in the way we talk about it (this is outrageous to me personally but that’s my bias)
  • The mainstream media “advertises” for the criminals – headlines such as “sex trafficking spikes in London sends out an message to criminals all over Ontario that this is where they can come, and that is exactly what they do!


Murder of Children & Youth

During 25-year period, there were 32 homicides with all victims being women and children, author of a new book says. To read more


  1. Murder City – YouTube Video by Dr. Arntfield
  2. London, Ontario – Serial Killer Capital of Canada
  3. 4 Unsolved Murders of Canada – Features the Trescott Case where a teen was charged with murder and tried as an adult and served a prison sentence, decades later to be released when his innocence was realized. This case cast a “shadow” over London for decades and some said it impaired proper investigations of later murders.
  4. 12 Worst Canadian Serial Killers – Features Paul Bernardo, and although the crimes happened in Scarborough & Niagara, my sources tell me that Paul had a connection to London either through military MKULTRA programming or through cult activity.





Gang Activity in London, Ontario


  1. March 01, 2015 – On the beat with the gangbusters –
  2. Jan 20 – 2012 – Getting Money No.1 Goal of Gangs
  3. Jan 24 – 2014 – No Gang Related Shootings Since Police Cracked Down –
  4. July 27 2016 – Notoriously violent N.S gang recruting London women & girls, pimping them out.


It appears gangs in London are not interested in violence and shootings, they are interested in money and they gain it largely through sex trafficking children & women along the 401 corridor.


They get away with it because they are protected by their associates who are in the police force, work as lawyers, work as judges, social workers, educators, community activists.


Even good hearted people who are thinking they are just upholding the “status quo” are actually covering up the dirty work of the criminals.  

High Police Surveillance in London, Canada – Here’s why

IMG_0426[LONDON, CANADA] By Staff Writer – As for high police surveillance – it appears there are 8 known gangs in London. One of the major ones calls themselves Kipps Lane Crew (KLC) in northeast London and then the other is the White Oaks Crew in London south. With the other more amateur ones inbetween.

KLC are the ones who seem to be under question regarding the murder in 2012 at the graveyard I told you about and they are highly active with robbery and physical attacks. They seem to be primarily non-white membership.

White Oaks guys are associated with Hell’s Angels and appear to be connected with more high-end organized crime rings for drug dealing, human-trafficking and seem to have more connections outside of London, in Toronto. Ottawa, Detriot, etc.

So from this evidence I suspect that there are rich white men who are part of the White Oaks Crew and/or Hell’s Angels who are also leaders in our community and/or attend the mass at St. Peter’s Basilica on Sundays.

I suspect that is where there are strong connections between church, cult activity, child & human-trafficking, drug cartel and drug-related crimes which hit the news.

High police surveillance is the police strategy to keep an eye on all this gang activity from one side of the city to the other.

Apparently is is a “method-that-worked” in other cities and London has been using it for years with the idea to follow the known members around and nab them for every slight infraction so they are in and out of court regularly, and in and out of jail or probation consistentially to give the message that “we are watching you.”

My thoughts: this sure does make it easy for bad cops to stay in constant contact with their circles and it makes it really easy to interact daily with crime circles so that bad police can hide their immoral activities too.

Just a thought. Anyway, so that’s what it’s about. Now we know.

Gang Activity in London: 5 Links to Articles from 2012 – 2017

13 June 2017

Here is an article about the child & human-trafficking ring operating in Ontario.

One about Hell’s Angels in London, Ontario.

An open-forum site through Western University which says White Oaks Gang is more closely tied with Hell’s Angels.

Some history from 2012 of a gang war between Hell’s Angels and others over selling drugs.

Article describes a new clubhouse for Outlaws.