Video – Reporter Investigates Site of Child Ritual Abuse


Topography: Children’s Aid Society to Airport

The Children’s Aid Society is 7 minutes away from London’s International Airport.

Fun Fact #1: A pilot friend of mine told me that in his 15 years of being a pilot he had never heard of London’s International Airport until he visited here in 2016 and I drove him to check it out.

Fun Fact #2: Oxford Street goes right to a golf course which is adjacent to the airport. If anything suspicious was going on, it would be really easy to go down Oxford to the golf course and through to the airport without issues.


There is a “Children’s Aid Receiving Home” on Oxford which is 5 minutes away from St. Peter’s Basillica and then a straight drive down the road to the airport.

Here are those maps.

From downtown Receiving home to the airport …