Help For Human-Trafficking

This is a good link for those seeking support. 

Here is the info you will find on that link:

National Toll-Free Counselling Line

Non-abolitionist Support line. Hotline. Lifeline.

 Lonely? Scared? Need assistance?

The Chrysalis Network offers a free, confidential telephone counselling service to women, men, and youth who have been trafficked for the purposes of forced commercial sex or labour. We also offer ongoing support to sex workers who do not personally identify as being trafficked or exploited . 
We provide our callers with counselling, local referrals and Project Lifeline, a safe buddy system for sex workers operating in isolation. To use the Lifeline, just call and let us know when you’re entering and expected to leave a date you’re concerned about. If we don’t hear back from you at the scheduled time, we’ll inform your emergency contact and work to verify your safety.

 When you’re ready to talk, we’re here to listen. 



The Chrysalis Network is a GBLT friendly, non-abolitionist, humanitarian organization dedicated to supporting ALL workers involved in the adult industry. You do not need to identify as a trafficked person to be welcomed by our line. 

Shots Fired in a Holiday Inn Hotel – 855 Wellington South

When it comes to human trafficking, the police just put out an announcement saying if you see/hear anything suspicious at a hotel/motel to let them know.

Today I read that there were shots heard at 855 Wellington which is a Holiday Inn. That’s suspicious for a hotel, wouldn’t you think?

Here is the link to the police report.